Social Security Disability and Unemployment Benefits

byron david, conway

Congressional interest in overlapping SSDI and unemployment benefits has increased recently. In addition to the Senate bill that would offset benefits, S. 1099 [see June 2013 NOSSCR Social Security Forum], a bill has been introduced in the House of  Representatives, H.R. 1502 that would preclude (not offset) receipt of SSDI benefits for any month of eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits. The “Social Security Disability Insurance and Unemployment Benefits Double Dip Elimination Act” would deem an individual to have engaged in substantial gainful activity (SGA) for any month that individual was entitled to unemployment insurance benefits. In addition, the individual would be deemed to have rendered “services” in a month for trial work period purposes if unemployment benefits were received in that month. The House bill is different form the Senate bill in that S. 1099 would simply offset the amount of unemployment benefits from the SSDI benefits amount for any month of concurrent receipt. The House bill precludes eligibility for concurrent receipt months. In addition, by deeming such months as SGA or trial work period months, termination of  benefits could occur sooner. The main sponsor of the bill is Rep. Sam Johnson (R-TX), Chairman of the House Way and Means Social Security Subcommittee.  Cosponsors include some of the other Republican members of the House Ways and Means Committee.


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